Inspired by the sharp Givenchy coats silhouettes, portraiying a strong and yet ultra feminine woman.
It reminded me of the very peculiar grace and striking beauty of Marlene Dietrich, playing with the codes of masculine - feminine, creating a sensual, smoky and mysterious aura.

She was not one to let anyone dictate her ways - but her heart and soul, making her a leading figure of Feminism and anti-nazism at her time.

The Star once said " I am, at heart, a gentleman " .

From Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

Valentino, Maison Rabih Kayrouz, Chanel, Christian Dior, A.F. Vandervorst, 
Givenchy, Ellery, Givenchy, Ellery, Maison Margiela

LGN Louis Gabriel Nouchi - FW18 Consulting

Founded in 2017 in paris by Louis-Gabriel Nouchi, LGN offers a distinctly contemporary wardrobe - a hybrid between classic tailoring and sportswear inspired by literature, art and japanese culture.

The brand provides a futuristic insight at the edge of premium elegance, counterculture and grunge. Refusing to be constrained by traditional gender norms, LGN rebels against the rules and encourages both their pieces and customers to cross the male-female divide.

With this identity in mind, I reflected on proposing styling solutions that would enhance the quality of the designs, and not divert the viewer from it. Attention was drawn into proposing a credible and yet playful way of wearing and coordinating the clothes, according to Louis- Gabriel's wish to create an everyday elegant wardrobe.

Men's styling

Women's styling

I suggested a minimal use of jewelry, if we would like to add a touch of shine and go deeper in the sensitivity. Black leather strings and ribbons as necklaces or bracelets would be used to add a bit of roughness and romantism to the looks.
I used the smocking inspired belts to shape the silhouette - worn on the hips for mens, at the waist for women. This also creating contrast in the image and graphism on the look.

Black rubber soles derbies were accessorizing both Men's and Women's looks, in reference to grunge culture. The boys also wore graphic black and white sneakers, for a more street style. Fishnet tights complemented the girl's look, for a raw feminine touch.

Men's accessories styling

Women's accessories styling

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